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21 February 2010 – Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions wins contract Emalahleni contract 33/2009


It gives us great pleasure to announce that Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions in joint venture with Motheo African Trading have been awarded a three (3) year for the supply, delivery and installation of digital speed and red light cameras with a traffic contravention management system. “This contracts is a spring board to this young and dynamic organisation. As our first flagship account we intend to prove to the market that transformation is an imperative which needs to driven by state agents. On behalf of Kuyalunga’s management and board of directors, I would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to the management of Emalahleni for the faith bestowed upon our young company”,  says Tumelo Mogase, CEO of Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions.

1st June 2010 – Noel Nyathi joints Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions as Head of Operations


“It gives me great pleasure to welcome my former colleague and good friend Mr. Noel Nyathi who will be joining us in the capacity of Chief Operating Officer effective 1st of June 2010. Noel is an experienced IT Engineer with numerous years of management experience and more importantly in the traffic management industry. His responsibility will be to put together a coherent technical and operational offensive”, says Tumelo Mogase - CEO.

1st July 2011 – Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions is appointed to supply Back Office IT Infrastructure for Tswaing Local Municipality


“We view this contract as an entry point into the greater North West province”, says Tumelo Mogase – CEO

Our footprint

Traffic Law Enforcement

- Emalahleni Local Municipality

- Tswaing Local Municipality

- Elias Motsoaledi Municipality

- Sol Plaatje Municipality

- Fetakgomo Local Municipality

- KSD Municipalit

Traffic Control

- Bushbuckridge Municipality

- Elias Motsoaledi Municipality

Parking Management

- City of Harare

- KSD Municipality

- Maletswai Municipality

- City of Nairobi (Pilot)

12th September 2011 – Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions is appointed to supply, install and commission four (4) junctions on behalf of Bushbuckridge Municipality


“It is with great excitement that we announce Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions’ appointment for supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of four (4) junctions within the Bushbuckridge jurisdiction. This marks our first traffic management flagship. This contract will consolidate our efforts to be a one stop shop for our clients”, says Noel Nyathi – Chief Operating Officer.

22nd November 2011 – Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions wins Sol Plaatje contract COM/TR01/2011


“It is with great pride and excitement that we announce Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions’ appointment as a preferred bidder for the Sol Plaatje contract. This contract will continue to strengthen Kuyalunga’s aptitude as a serious player in the traffic management space. This is an end to end contract (cameras, back office, smart roadblocks, summons serving and other services) with a local community development aspect wherein Kuyalunga will incubate a young Sol Plaatje company with the view to create local capacity to the benefit of both the municipality and local business. We value seriously believe in empowerment of both youth and small business”, says Tumelo Mogase – CEO.

5th March 2012 – Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions acquires 51%  of ParkPoint (Pty) Ltd


“It gives me great pleasure to announce the finalization of the ParkPoint deal. This will see Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions acquiring a controlling stake in ParkPoint. ParkPoint is an IT services company specializing in hybrid parking management systems catering for both off (boomgates) and on –street (hand-held) parking. ParkPoint currently has six (6) private owned parking sites and has identified the public sector as its growth strategy. This acquisition is in-line with Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions’ vision to acquire solutions that enhances our vision of becoming a “one-stop –shop” for our clients. Parking management is becoming a key offering more importantly with the advent of new technology and methodologies in pursuit of high bay turnover or congestion management in the intercities. Noel and myself will take executive directorship roles in ParkPoint. Mr. Nigel Dewhurst founder and operations director will retain his role going forward. We look forward to the synergies that could be derived from this acquisition. Kuyalunga is currently in talks to a key technology partner with the view to acquire an influential interest, this envisaged acquisition will further unlock synergies between ParkPoint and Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions”, says Tumelo Mogase - CEO

05th May 2012 – Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions wins Elias Motsoaledi contract EMLM37/2012


“Once again the market is responding positively to our capability to successfully implement highly technical projects. This project entails the supply , installation and commissioning of five (5) traffic intersections as well as a three (3) year lease of two (2) fixed digital speed and red light cameras. This contract further endorses  Kuyalunga as a trusted technical partner in both road safety and traffic management”, says Noel Nyathi – Chief Operating Officer.

23rd  October 2012– Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions’ subsidiary wins a R5 Million Rand parking management contract


“Once again it is my pleasure to announce that our sister company ParkPoint was today appointed by the City of  Harare, Zimbabwe to supply, install and commission a Hybrid Parking Management System inclusive of one hundred and sixty (160) hand-held devices. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the team for its hardwork in making this opportunity a reality and further wish the implementation team every success  in delivering the  solution.  This is a step in the right direction in respect of our vision to become a preferred technical partner in the African region and beyond ”, says Tumelo Mogase – CEO.

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